Sunday 29 May 2016

Scuba Diving Instructor- A day in the life!

Hello fellow scuba divers and welcome back to our blog.

I know, we haven't really shared much in the way of blogs over the winter season but, funnily enough, life has been pretty hectic, even in the "off-season".

We have renovated the new shop, serviced all the Dive Centre equipment; cylinders, BCDs and wings and regulators, so all are looking good and in excellent working condition for you guys when you come to visit.

However, it is time to get back to the nitty gritty and I thought a nice way to start the blog for the Summer Diving Season 2016 would be to give you an insight into the day of a Scuba Diving Instructor at Scuba Tech in Cyprus.


We are pretty early risers!

As I am sure you can imagine, the sun comes up pretty early in Cyprus and by 5am, it is shining brightly over Protaras, which means it is beaming in through our open windows, waking us up to another bright sunshiney day.

It is important to have a proper breakfast, since scuba diving uses so much energy and so first thing is first and we fuel up for the morning.

Once we are at the dive centre, the work really begins. Before Divers arrive, we have to check the compressor to make sure it is set for the day, get paperwork organised, answer emails and update Facebook, Twitter and all the other Social Media Portals and ensure all the equipment is dry and back where it is supposed to be, ready for your arrival. The water cooler needs to be switched on, so there is plenty of cold water to hydrate or hot water for teas and coffee.


Our day is a cycle of getting paperwork signed, equipment sorted and together, heading out for the dive, diving, coming back to clean and dismantle equipment and re-fill the tanks.

We usually make 2-3 dives a day.

The diving side can be really varied depending on what we are doing and who we are diving with. Sometimes, they are training dives, so we practice dive skills or they may just be fun dives to get out and dive. Wreck diving, shore diving and getting out onto the Zenobia Wreck are just some of the things that we offer.

Sometimes, we may be introducing a diver to the underwater world for the first time and that is a great pleasure. Showing someone our world and seeing the big smiles when they surface, proud of their achievement, is like nothing else!

On occasion, we may also make night dives, so we put our torches on charge, wait until the sun goes down and pull out the Dive centre BBQ, so we can have some dinner before we go.

The great thing about the diving we do here at Scuba Tech, Cyprus, is the variety. We may do the same dive sites over the course of a week or a year but every one is different because they are with different people doing different things.


Once the diving is finished, there is the final task of cleaning up and re-filling the cylinders for the next day of diving. Floors are swept and mopped, tables wiped and equipment locked away to dry overnight.

We have long days that are action packed, so it is no surprise that 9 times out of 10, we will be in bed, fast asleep by 10pm.

Good Night y'all.

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