Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Try Dives in Cyprus with Scuba Tech Diving Centre

Hi all,

On Thursday 2 July 2015, I experienced one of the best afternoon's of my life, when I finally decided to go on a Try Dive with Scuba Tech Diving Centre, in Protaras, Cyprus.

My husband (Grant) and I have travelled to many wonderful countries over the last eleven years and, as a diver with nearly 400 dives, he has tried in vain to persuade me to learn to dive.  However, I have always resisted, until now.

I started off my Try Dive with a comprehensive theory lesson, giving me an overall view of general
health and safety, equipment that I would be using and definite do's and do not's whilst on the dive.  This lesson gave me confidence that I would be shown how to work the equipment I would be wearing before getting in the water and that I would be closely supervised throughout.

Shelley Patient (Instructor), Dawn Bailey (Dive Master), Lucy Corbett (Dive Master in Training) of Scuba Tech Diving Centre and, of course Grant, who is also a Rescue Diver, accompanied me on the dive; therefore, I felt that I was in great hands.

Now for the dive, which we did at Green Bay, the location being just a short drive from the dive centre, and which has a maximum depth of 10 metres.

Well what can I say! It was awesome.  The detailed explanation and thorough checks before I even entered the water, to the instructions on how to use the equipment in waist high water, made me feel comfortable as we set off on my adventure into the sea.

Shelley was brilliant, never taking her eyes off me, making sure that I was at ease, and always close to hand to help me adjust my buoyancy and regularly check that I was happy with my mask and ear pressure.

Once I was comfortable in shallow water (3 metres), Shelley took me to Fish Rock, where I was amazed by the variety of fish, then, I was taken gradually deeper, where I saw the statues and the gnome. I was even privileged to see a turtle and a moray eel.

Best of all I survived to tell my tale.

Dawn kindly took great pictures to remind me of my wonderful experience and I have shared some of these as part of this blog.

So, the million dollar question, will I do it again?  It is a big YES from me, and will be booking my Open Water Course with Scuba Tech Diving Centre as soon as possible.  As you can imagine, Grant is over the moon.

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