Wednesday 2 October 2013

A Whole New World... it's our own Alladin's Cave!

Recently hitting the Internet News has been a story about a couple diving off the coast of Curacao who captured an image of Sesame Street's Cookie Monster underwater. Having seen it, professional photographer, Mauricio Handler quickly snapped this shot.

Of course this isn't really the cookie monster. It is 3 sponges grown close enough together to form the illusion of this well loved character but it is just one example of the wonders that we, as Scuba Divers have the opportunity to enjoy.

Zenobia shipwreck in Cyprus
The amazing things we can enjoy do not end there either. We have ships that, sometimes haven't been seen for centuries that we can go down and visit. No human will ever walk on these wrecks again but as Scuba Divers, we have the privilege of being able to visit and admire these ancient vessels and hear the stories they have to tell.

Add to that, all the fascinating creatures that live beneath the surface of the water and you have yourself an Alladin's cave of life that cannot be rivalled. Coral Reef systems are being hailed as the "rainforests of the oceans" due to their vast bio diversity.

cyprus turtle in protaras
Just here in Cyprus, we see a vast range of different species. A couple months ago, we were inundated with tiny little nudibranchs and today we were swimming with turtles. Who knows, next week it might be whale sharks... although that might be wishful thinking because, let's face it, this is Cyprus and we aren't known for whale shark visits.

The point is, there are so many different things to see under the ocean and we are extremely lucky that we are able to visit. Where else would you find such diversity and awe-inspiring sights?

It might not be silver and gold, but it should be treasured, admired and protected.

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