Wednesday 4 September 2013

To touch or not to touch... that is the Question

Errrm, no. I am pretty sure if that is the Question, when it comes to Scuba Diving, the answer is  definitely  a big resounding NO!!!

I was out diving a couple days ago and I saw a beautiful sight. A turtle was swimming side by side with a Diver. I watched them swim together for about 5 minutes, neither bothering the other just enjoying company on their journey!

Let the turtle swim... dont touch

Another Diver soon entered the scene with a camera and even having this one sticking a flashy thing in the turtle's face didn't seem to bother hime too much. If he got too close to the diver with the camera, the turtle would gently turn to move around him.

Then I saw something which boiled my blood.

Said Diver decided to show off to the novices he was with and decided to grab hold of the turtle and try to ride on him.

You could see the turtle was petrified now, as an army of other divers moved in to help the distressed turtle and make the idiot release him and as soon as he was free, the turtle swam away as fast as his fins would take him, never to trust another human being as long as lived.

When we Scuba Dive, we enter the home of the aquatic life that is native to that area. We should respect their homes and not intrude on their existence.

undersea creatures in your house

How would we feel if a big, water chuffing creature came into our living rooms and started prodding at us, trying to pick us up or sitting on our laps, while we try to go about our daily routine (...watching coronation street).

When we are diving, we are there to observe, not to intrude so spare a thought for the poor creatures whose lives we impact on every day and erspect the life under the sea.

So the moral of the story... be a considerate diver, don't disturb the fish life any more than you have to and DO NOT TOUCH!!

What's the old adage?

Take only memories and pictures, leave only bubbles.

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