Tuesday 24 September 2013

Clean Up on Aisle 2 please!!- Let's clean our seas

So, we are fast approaching the International Beach and Ocean Clean up event being organise by GUWWA. This will be the second of its kind in the world.

The idea of this event is to attempt to break the World record for the most number of individuals involved in an underwater clean up attempt and the GUWWA are looking for participants in over 80 countries.

As a general rule of thumb, we at Scuba Tech don't organise these local beach clean ups.

Underwater litter isn't a problem just once or twice a year and rather than cleaning our oceans on specific dates, we prefer to take down a mesh bag and lift rubbish out of our seas on most dives we do. This way we keep on top of the garbage accumulation underwater and we can clean multiple sites, not just the one.

Octopus beneath a bit of glass garbage
The biggest problem we have here in Cyprus, I think, is the garbage that comes off the party boats. I am not saying it is always intentional but there are some who think it is acceptable to throw empty beer or coffee cans and cigarette butts off the side of the boat into the sea.

Some just blow off the deck with the wind but these beer and coffee cans make up the biggest part of the garbage we find underwater.

However, they aren't the only rubbish we find. I dived to the "Blue Hole" here in Protaras a couple days ago and found a rug underwater and we have previously found t-shirts, towels and cardboard boxes.


Scuba Tech Diving Centre will be taking part in the GUWWA ocean clean-up, as we hope it will help to raise awareness among others of the need to keep our oceans clean. Not just for us and the tourists that visit us here in Cyprus but for the thousands of marine species that call our oceans and seas their homes.

We will be combining forces with Windmills Divers and concentration our efforts on the Dive Site used most by Divers here in Cyprus: Green Bay starting on Sunday the 29th September 2013 at 10am.

If you want to join us, get in touch at info@scubatechdivers.com or by telephone on 00357 99 18 4002 and book your place. We are offering free air fills (or tanks of air) for qualified scuba divers. You can either come to the shop for 9.30am or meet us down at Green Bay at 10am. If we know you are coming, we can bring you a cylinder.

Even if you cannot dive and would like to help, you can help clean the shore line and the shallows

Every little helps.

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