Thursday 18 June 2015

Avoiding Diving Burn Out.. the fun way!

We wrote an article earlier this year with regards to Burn Out and how to avoid it as Divers and Diving professionals.

So, not one to disregard our own advice, time and money came together a week ago to enable us to get in some fun dives that we haven't done before.

Where did we go Diving?

A rare opportunity emerged to allow us to head up to Northern Cyprus and dive the very tip of the Island around the Karpaz Peninsula.

For the first dive, we were heading for a deep cave but our guide changed her mind. With the lack of current around the tip (which is usually blasted as the whole Med turns around this point) we headed for the "Secret Rock" dive site. 

The maximum depth of this dive was 32metres with a huge rock nestled in between a couple others reaching up to a minimum depth of 14metres. There were a couple nice wall areas and a few grouper hanging around but the highlight of the dive was 2 big triggerfish that happy enough to swim around us until I produced the camera. At that point they promptly swam away! 

I'll be honest for the 6 hour round trip, we weren't convinced by this site. It was lovely to do something different but the second dive site certainly did not disappoint.

At the end of the Karpaz peninsula, there are about 5 little islands, which are protected areas for the birds. Humans are not allowed to set foot on them but from the sea, they look like lovely rocky outcrops.

We dived at the final island off the Cyprus coast and found the Karpaz wreck, which we are pretty sure is actually 2 or 3 wrecks all together.  There is no definitive history for these wrecks but we were informed that they sank around the time of the 1974 invasion and the circumstances are suspicious.

The first wreck we came across was pretty much intact with the distinctive hull expected of a wreck. there are a few openings that we were able to get inside and explore and the visibility was crystal clear with still no current in the area!

All along the seabed, you will find scattered debris and the depth is a paltry 16 metres giving plenty of ambient light to see everything by. We spent an hour roaming and investigating around pieces of metal and trying to work out what had happened (we still have no idea).

All in all we had a very long and tiring day but it was absolutely Epic. The whole team had a great time and that was thanks in part to some lovely egg butties.

Big thanks to our Dive Guide for the day though. Marion of Mephisto Diving, you helped keep our scuba passion alive with a great day out and about Scuba Diving in Cyprus.

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