Wednesday 4 February 2015

Shark Snogging... How not to do it!

Now, this blog is a little off-piste for us here at Scuba Tech but since it is February and the month of love, this fits in very nicely with the theme.

Have you ever snogged a shark?

Not many of us have because, despite the release of infographics (such as those on the left) telling us about the real nature of Sharks, many of us, especially those who grew up in the 70s, still have that image in our heads of Jaws opening his mouth and eternally chasing us for revenge.

Obviously, we know this is irrational and, as Scuba Divers, we will happily swim alongside; hammerheads, nurse sharks, nanny sharks and even whoop for joy down our regulators at the sight of a white tipped reef shark.

But, we were browsing you tube this is what happens when one diver takes his love of sharks too far

So I'll ask again.... Would you snog a shark?

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