Tuesday 24 June 2014

Cyprus Dive Sites- Green Bay, Protaras

A sleepy Mediterranean Island hiding a multitude of Dive Sites for Scuba Divers of all certification levels? say hello to Cyprus.

We love diving here and, although, like much of the Med, our seas are overfished, the variety of species you can find when diving here are phenomenal!

So let me tell you a little about our Dive Sites, starting with the most frequented... GREEN BAY!

A stormy sky over Green Bay, the moon just visible in the sky

Green Bay is a great dive site for all certification levels. It has an easy entry/exit point where you can just walk in and out of the water. Put your fins and mask on in waist deep water and drop down below the surface into the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Bottom Contour

green Bay protaras, and the barracudaThe bottom slopes gradually down from 0 metres to 3 metres where it levels out over the rocks, so if this is as far as you are comfortable, there is no need to go further.

For the more adventurous, you can drop over the step to a 6 metre ledge, then down a sandy slope where you are flanked by Poseidonia Sea Grass, to a maximum depth of 9.5 metres. If you want depth here, you will have to bring your own shovel!

What can a Diver See?

fish around a diver at table rock
In the shallows, you can find small wrasse and maybe an octopus but as you head down to 3 metres, you come across table rock where you will be swamped by hungry sea bream, damsel fish, ornate and rainbow wrasse and parrot fish.

A little deeper and you may see a lone (or shoal of) barracuda or a couple squid depending on the time of year you are here. Keep your eyes open for the morays and octopus around here as there are plenty of holes for them to hide in.

Around the 6 metre area, you can also find ancient amphora pottery fused into the rocks and crevices and this is reminiscent of old Grecian seafarers drinking the night away on their ships.

If you are brave enough, you can head down to 9 metres to discover our very own Atlantis.

Statues and podiums for divers to pose and weave through make this an excellent destination for the underwater photographers out there.

diver posing on underwater podium surrounded by fish


Green Bay is the busiest dive site in Cyprus for a reason. Everything about diving here is easy; shallow depths, gradual descent, and the fish life is amazing.

Where you have to guess what fish life will be at other local sites, Green Bay is guaranteed to be overflowing with life and is always worth a visit regardless of your certification.

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