Wednesday 2 April 2014

My Favourite Cyprus Dive Site

My Favourite Dive Site in Cyprus

I have been Scuba Diving in Cyprus for almost 10 years now and there is a variety of different dive sites that we get to visit on an almost daily basis. From the very shallow and easy to Dive, Green Bay with a maximum depth of 10 metres to Cliff Jumping entries at the Chapel or one of the numerous wrecks that you can find around the Cyprus coast, each site has its own qualities that distinguish it from any of the others.

Green Bay

Mainly used for the beginners to try Scuba, Green Bay is very overlooked for certified divers. With a maximum depth of 10 metres, it is a very shallow site where the bottom gradually slopes. 

Fish rock in Green Bay. Surrounded by damselfish and sea bream
Fish in Green Bay
This site has the greatest abundance of fish than any other in Protaras. Sea Bream and Damsels will literally follow divers around the entire site with wrasse weaving in between, the odd puffer fish, flounder and even barracuda and Squid. 

At 10 metres, you can find Statues that can be used for Aqua-batics and posing for photographs. Green Bay is an amazing site that is up there among my favourites... but it isn't number one!


Most people who think about coming to dive in Cyprus want to come and dive the Zenobia wreck in Larnaca. 
diver swims over the lorries on Zenobia with blue water and funnel in background

A massive ro-ro ferry, she sank in 1980 and still remains largely intact with no official salvage having ever been completed. Plenty to see on the outside, there are also several penetration routes you can take depending on your level of certification and ability.

34 years on and the Zenobia is home to groupers, barracuda and amber jack. Smaller nudibranchs, wrasse and sponge have colonised the decks of this wreck creating a barrage of colour in a blue world and, as voted for by divers, she is one of the best wrecks to dive in the world... but she still isn't my favourite dive site in Cyprus.


Situated on the Eastern edge of Cyprus at Cape Greko, Cyclops is my favourite Dive Site in Cyprus.

The site is named after the cave that can be found on the pathway down to access the dive site. Cyclops Cave is where the one eyed monster used to live when mythical creatures roamed the island!

school of amberjack swimming overhead in protaras dive siteDivers of any certification level can dive at Cyclops with confidence and ease. You can pick your depth and stay there from 12 metres to 45 metres plus. Some divers have even swam out far enough to hit 60 metres, and while it used to be pretty easy to get these depths from shore, the bottom has changed so much over the years that it is much shallower now and takes a much longer swim to get that kind of depth. For 50m and beyond, it is definitely boat diving territory.

The thing I love about Cyclops is the surprise of what you might see. I have never done a dive and seen nothing exciting down there. Sometimes, there are Morays galore, tiny cleaning shrimp dodging between their teeth that require a steady hand and a macro lens to get pictures of.

Squid can be found here in the summer months flamboyantly flashing and dancing through the water while in the winter months, tiny Flabellina nudibranchs litter the sea bed and Octopus hide in the rocks.  I have even seen creatures and critters at this dive site that I have never seen before and never seen since. Each dive is different but every one amazing.

So, if you are diving in Cyprus this year, don't just focus on the Zenobia. Consider shore diving too and pay a visit to Cyclops. 

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