Wednesday 15 January 2014

Try Diving in Cyprus- What's involved?

Although Scuba Tech Diving Centre covers a lot of Technical Diving and Rebreather Diving, it is still important to remember that all divers have to start somewhere...and that somewhere usually comes in the form of a TRY DIVE!

Cyprus is a great place to try scuba diving for the first time because the conditions are so easy. There are no real tides to speak of, the water is warm and the visibility can be 40metres +.

So what is involved in a Scuba Tech try dive in Cyprus?

Once you have decided that you want to try scuba diving, we will pick you up from your hotel or villa in Protaras or Agia Napa and bring you to our Diving Centre, where you will be shown the basics of Scuba Diving and be fitted out with a set of Scuba Equipment.

Once we are confident that you are ready to go diving, we take you down to our local dive site, Green Bay.

try diving in cyprus with scuba tech diving centre
This dive site is fantastic for try dives, as there is an easy walk in entry/exit point and, although it does have a 10metre (33 feet) maximum depth, the depth increase is extremely gradual. You can stop and swim around at whichever depth you feel comfortable, whether that is 2 metres, 6 metres or, for the adventurous, 10 metres.

Before we venture off on our first scuba dive, we do like to go through a couple of basic exercises with our divers to build a bit of confidence and give you some experience in the shallows before moving deeper. So, we practice taking the regulator (the bit you breathe from) out of your mouth and putting it back in while underwater and clearing little bits of water out of the mask.

Of course, you will have your instructor by your side at all times throughout the skills practice and the scuba dive itself. There is a maximum number of 4 student divers per instructor but we always try to have a Divemaster (diving instructor's assistant) in the water too, particularly if scuba divers would like photographs and video of their dive in Cyprus or there are more than 2 student divers in the water.

TRY scuba diving in cyprus

When you dive with Scuba Tech Cyprus, we like to give you great value for money, so your dive time is only limited by the air in your cylinder and your comfort in the water. Some of our try dives have been 60+ minutes.

You can try Scuba Diving in Cyprus from 8 years old. There is no upper limit but there is a medical questionnaire that must be completed if you want to dive ( you can get a copy of this by emailing If you have to answer yes to any question on the medical questionnaire, ask your doctor if you can scuba dive before you come to Cyprus and get him to sign the "fit to dive" declaration provided.

try dives in Cyprus; Diver feeds fish underwater
So, if you fancy a Mediterranean holiday with a scuba diving adventure, get in touch with Scuba Tech Diving Centre. Feed the fish, find our underwater Atlantis and experience the weightless excitement of Scuba Diving.

Are you ready... Take a Deep Breath!!!

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