Wednesday 21 August 2013

Can I Tech it?... Yes you can!

Technical Diving in Cyprus, Is it for me and can I tech it?
technical divers with lots of cylinders and equipment
There has long been a stigma attached to the realms of Technical Diving that has seen images of big guys lugging around bulky twinsets and copious stages, to go really deep underwater, so that, unless you can benchpress a small car, there is no way you can cope with Technical Diving.

In this day and age, this is simply not true and Technical Diving is opening up to so many new demographics, as those who just want to add a new dimension to their diving abilities jump on board.

The Kit!

Now, although it is true that Technical Diving Kit is generally heavier than single tank, recreational Diving kit, the extent of this really depends on the Diver themselves.

lightweight 200bar twinset cylindersOf course, we are looking at using 2 cylinders and 2 sets of regulators instead of just one. That's for the Open Circuit Technical Diving. If you are looking at Rebreathers, you have also the scrubber unit and electronics to add to the mix.

There are options to make it more manageable though. We use lightweight 200bar cylinders on our twinsets, for those who want a lighter option and you can always swap out the commonly seen steel back plate for an aluminium one to save a couple kilos. Alternatively, some may find a 10litre twinset more appealing or, if you aren't going too deep and the RMV allows, twin 7s.

Sidemount Diving in techncial configurationSidemount Configuration has enabled those who can't take the weight of the equipment on their backs, to move it to the side and take some of the strain off. The beauty of technical Diving with Sidemount is that you can carry the cylinders to the waters edge and clip them off in the water, so only really have the weight on you in a weightless environment.

Even rebreathers are now bringing out smaller versions such as the Pathfinder and the Hollis that are suited to recreational depths but who said technical diving was about depth... certainly not my point of view.

Since we are on the matter, you can most certainly 'tech' it if you have no interest in going deep. Technical kit is fantastic for allowing you extended time in the 25-40m range too. Using a mixed gas; either nitrox for extended bottom time or a trimix for a clear head and improved work of breathing with the additional safety measures that come into play from using the Technical Equipment, means technical diving techniques can also be applied to recreational dives very successfully.

Add to that, your stage cylinders that can be filled with a rich nitrox mix of 50%-100% Oxygen and you can "pad out" your safety stop, adding in extra conservatism or accelerate any decompression you may have incurred on the dives.
For more information about the technical Diving Courses available here in Cyprus, Check out the Scuba Tech Diving Website

So, regardless of what size or sex you might be, if you have a responsible attitude towards diving, are over 18 years of age and want to increase your  knowledge and experience in the water, while improving your Diving safety and ability to help yourself on dives... you can most definitely TECH IT!!!

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